Legal Issues Involved In Corporate Globalization

Tuesday, January 1st, 1991 at 12:00 am by Laura B. Pincus, Theodore H. Pincus, & Michael Reid
Laura B. Pincus, Theodore H. Pincus, & Michael Reid, Legal Issues Involved In Corporate Globalization, 1991 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 269

So, with all of the benefits that may result from globalizing a company, why do not more companies take their operations to a global level? One study of small businesses attempted to define the perceived ethical barriers to entry. The study found that nine issues or dilemmas recurred in response to the question, “Would you please describe the aspect(s) of International Marketing that pose(s) the most difficult ethical or moral problems to U.S. executives like yourself?” Those nine issues included bribery, government interference, customs clearance, transfer of funds, cultural/business differences, technology/copyright theft, pricing, immoral entertainment, and product use. Concerns related to many of these areas may be dispelled through education. The authors hope that this paper has served to educate the reader, and that it has helped to alleviate concerns about a few of these areas.

Author Information

Laura Pincus is an assistant professor of business law at DePaul University, Department of Management. Theodore Pincus is chairman of the Financial Relations Board, Inc. Michael Reid is affiliated with Exchange Capital Management, Inc.