Intellectual Property, Trade and Taiwan: A GATT-Fly’s View

Wednesday, January 1st, 1992 at 12:00 am by Professor William P. Alford
Professor William P. Alford, Intellectual Property, Trade and Taiwan: A GATT-Fly’s View, 1992 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 97

I will endeavor to discharge my responsibility to this distinguished gathering by focusing my remarks on three issues. I begin by examining the link between trade and intellectual property concerns in the American political arena. In the second section of this paper, I assess briefly GATT’s early treatment of intellectual property issues. And third, I scrutinize the manner in which approaches toward intellectual property in the ROC are now changing and how this change relates to the foregoing discussion regarding American policy and the GATT. Finally, I take the liberty, in my conclusion, of offering a few observations about the future development of international efforts with respect to intellectual property regulation.

Author Information

Henry L. Stimson Professor and Director, East Asian Legal Studies, Harvard Law School