CBLR Seeking Submissions for 2019 Survey Issue

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 at 3:31 pm by Alexandra Studwell

The Columbia Business Law Review is pleased to announce its 2019 survey topic:

Business, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy

Technology and globalism are rapidly changing the business law landscape. With new ways to store information and communicate across borders, the legal community is presented with novel challenges regarding privacy in the modern era. These issues are readily apparent as emerging technologies and regulations change the relationship consumers have with companies. However, they also come up in more nuanced contexts than one might expect. Cross-border investigations often raise questions involving what information is privileged and where constitutional protections, such as the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against illegal search and seizure, apply. In addition, many companies now use big data for a host of online services—such as social media, banking, shopping, and advertising—making cybersecurity law increasingly important. With new technologies becoming more prevalent, questions about government surveillance and consumer data have been brought to the forefront, specifically in the context of businesses that have a large consumer base. The 2018–19 Survey seeks to address the most pressing privacy and cybersecurity issues implicated by globalism and new technologies.

Topics may include:
• The relationship between consumers and businesses in the 21st Century and how it is affected by new regulations pertaining to data privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity
• The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its effect on multinational companies’ compliance
• Issues raised by new technologies themselves, including drones, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things
• Consumer privacy and how it relates to FinTech, social media, and corporations generally
• Issues related to government surveillance and the use of big data stored by technology companies
• The impact of cybercrimes, such as hacking, and cross-border investigations on businesses
• Issues raised by shareholder derivative suits arising from company data breaches