CBLR Publishes Inaugural Summer Associate Survey Results

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 at 4:25 pm, by Jenny Lee

As a business law journal, we spend a lot of time reading about and pondering better ways to do business. Lately, we’ve also been contemplating something that many of us went through recently: getting law firm jobs. At the core of that business, students want to end up at firms that do the kind of work they’re interested in, in ways that work best for them.  

Now, we have access to information about what happens during on-campus interviews, but we don’t typically see data about what work students actually did at their chosen firms over their 2L summers. That’s an important gap that should be filled–after all, the goal is to work at these firms, not just to be hired. At CBLR, we think there’s a better way to approach law firm recruiting, for everyone involved, by looking at data from a slightly longer timeline.   

Thus, we decided to break out of our publishing shell and conducted a survey of current third-year students at Columbia Law School who worked at New York City law firms during their 2L summers. The CBLR Summer Associate Survey asked a series of questions to discover more about the work that soon-to-be-lawyers did and want to do at firms: (1) what they’re interested in, (2) why they chose those areas, and (3) how they’re thinking about their careers after 2L summer.  

We received 106 responses of approximately 240 students who summered in New York City. We invite you to follow the link below to view our survey results.

CBLR 2015 Summer Associate Survey Results