Volume 2004, Issue 2

Milton Handler Annual Antitrust Review

The U.S. Antitrust Laws in a Global Context
by Diane P. Wood (p. 265)

Using Economics to Improve Economic Policy
by Dennis W. Carlton (p. 283)

Antitrust and the Regulatory Enterprise
by Herbert Hovenkamp (p. 335)

Part One: A Review of Similarities and Contrasts Between American Antitrust and European Union Competition Law
by ABCNY Antitrust Committee (p. 380)

Part Two: The Role of Economics and Economists in Antitrust Law
by ABCNY Antitrust Committee (p. 419)

Part Three: 2003 Antitrust Developments in Regulated Industries
by ABCNY Antitrust Committee (p. 459)


A Brief Roadmap to Going Private
by Joshua M. Koenig (p. 505)

Going Private Transactions: Delaware's Race to the Bottom?
by Jason M Quintana (p. 547)

Governing Insiders Going Private on Inside Information
by Sarah Al-Moosa (p. 601)