Volume 2003, Issue 2


When Is It Worthwhile to Use Courts to Search for Exclusionary Conduct?
by Frank H. Easterbrook (p. 345)

Milton Handler Annual Antitrust Review

Looking Forward: The Federal Trade Commission and the Future Development of U.S. Competition Policy
by Timothy J. Muris (p. 359)

Antitrust Enforcement at the United States Department of Justice: Issues in Merger Investigations and Litigation
by R. Hewitt Pate (p. 411)

In Search of Congruence Between Legislative Purpose and Administrative Policy
by Stephen M. Axinn (p. 431)

Recent Developments in Four Areas of Antitrust Law: Merger Enforcement, Criminal Enforcement and Health Care Intiatives; Exclusionary Conduct; and the Noerr-Pennington Doctrine and State Action Immunity
by William H. Rooney, David K. Park (p. 451)

Part One: Merger Enforcement Developments in 2002
by Barbara Anthony, James J. Calder, Susan Gelles, Richard S. Julie, Abid Qureshi, Susan Raitt (p. 452)

Part Two: Non-Merger Enforcement
by Mark Fiore, Elinor Hoffmann, Stephen D. Houck, Arman Y. Oruc, Fiona A. Schaeffer, Dorothy Watson, K. Brooke Welch (p. 495)

Part Three: Current Developments in Sherman Act Section 2 Exclusionary Conduct Cases
by Brendan Dowd, Andrew Frackman, Matthew Merrick (p. 526)

Part Four: Antitrust Immunities at the Crossroads: The Current Status of the Noerr and State Action Doctrines
by David S. Copeland, Stephen J. Elliot, Ankur Kapoor, Lori Leskin, Ian Linker, Steven Rosenstein (p. 547)


The Best Disinfectant: Analyzing the Implementation of Disclosure Requirements in Securities and Corporate Governance Regulation
by Shalini M. Aggarwal, Karessa Cain, Wally Suphap, Kenji Taneda, Yair Galil (p. 579)

From the Individual to the Institution: The SEC's Evolving Strategy for Regulating the Capital Markets
by Shalini M. Aggarwal (p. 581)

New Efforts to Strengthen Corporate Governance: Why Use SRO Listing Standards?
by Karessa Cain (p. 619)

Getting It Right Versus Getting It Quick: The Quality-Timeliness Tradeoff in Corporate Disclosure
by Wally Suphap (p. 661)

Sabanes-Oxley, Foreign Issuers and United States Securities Regulation
by Kenji Taneda (p. 715)