Volume 2000, Issue 1

Speech Transcript

Dynamic Markets, Timeless Principles
by Chairman Arthur Levitt (p. 1)


Brands v. Generics: Self-Regulation by Competitors
by James D. Cox (p. 15)

Self-Regulation in the Global Context
by Jeffrey E. Garten (p. 23)

Hard Thinking About Inevitable Developments?
by Edmund W. Kitch (p. 37)

The Role of the SEC in a Changing Market
by Larry D. Soderquist (p. 45)


Genie in a Bottle? Assessing Managerial Opportunism in International Securities Transactions
by Amir N. Licht (p. 51)


CFTC Reauthorization in the Wake of Long-Term Capital Management
by Daniel F. Zimmerman (p. 121)