A Regluatory Perspective on the Global Securities Market

Thursday, January 1st, 1987 at 12:00 am by Brandon Becker
Brandon Becker, A Regluatory Perspective on the Global Securities Market, 1987 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 309

Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (‘SEC’) has focused its attention on studying the globalization of the securities markets. The SEC recognizes that globalization presents a variety of new regulatory issues. It is easy to start with a brief decription of the SEC’s views regarding the internationalization of the securities markets. The SEC repeatedly has stated in a number of contexts that it is seeking to encourage and foster the development of international capital markets, and that it believes such development should occur in both the primary and secondary trading of securities. At the same time, the SEC has emphasized the principle that the development of international trading facilities should not contribute to opportunities for trading abuses within those markets. Instead, such facilities should be viewed as providing an opportunity to ensure the implementation of a regulatory framework which will provide adequate oversight and surveillance.

Author Information

Mr. Becker is Associate Director of the Division of Market Regulation, Securities and Exchange Commission.